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The False Truth

  نشر في 20 ديسمبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 20 ديسمبر 2017 .

“Fake it till you make it”

– ” You wanted to tell me something, what’s wrong? ” said Carefully.

= “I … I … just wanted to tell you about something .. I … ” He stuttered.

– ” Why are you afraid? Just talk, I am here to hear you” Said calmly.

= “Well,” then his tears began to move out, “I feel like I am hated by everyone: no one likes me, no one trusts me, and even no one prefers to talk to me. I am alone . . . I love loneliness, however, I want to decide to be alone; not to be obligated to this. I … I … ” He stopped and did nothing except crying.

she smiled and dabbed his shoulders. Then, she continued with a soft tone ” Well, tell me why do you feel that and how was your life before being here?”As soon as he heard that, he left her and ran away . . .


He was a kinda weird person. He had different nicknames since childhood: the fat, asshole boy; the hated, liar traducer; and the stupid, bullshitter boy. Each nickname had its own heartbroken story. Each described how tough his life was. Each was “……”

When he was young, he was that perfect, intelligent student. He was a bright, beautiful kid; however, he was ruins of kid. During his young live he had a disease which enjoined him to take a special medicine; and with each dosage, he was putting on some weight. Eventually, he became fat – the first part of his nickname. Malevolent people are everywhere. Even though his performance in school and activities was outstanding, he was called ” the asshole” . . .

Now, he began to hate people. ” All people are the same, they will bully me, and they will hate me”. When he went to a prep. school, he had lots of family troubles. There were a lot of conflicts; so, he thought of solving that crucial problem. he thought of being an ally for both. He was a traducer – the second part of his next nickname. He was hated by both. He was forsaken as always. he had no haven except his blank, which is always thirsty for his tears . . .

Now he hates the outside world and himself. He talks only to fictional characters from his imagination. He had fictional friends that all liked him. Nevertheless, in this stage of his life, he was stuck to talk to people and make relationships. He had to live far apart from his shelter, his blanket, and his bed. He had to live in a boarding school. There, he got his new nickname, the stupid bullshitter. He detested his colleagues, the school, and the school labors. He found a new place to cry, the bleak roof. Then, he thought of suicide for the third time. Life doesn’t crave him: he is loathed by all, forsaken, and isolated. He was suffering from the Avoidant Personality Disorder . . .

Avoidant Personality Disorder is characterized by a pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, and a hypersensitivity to negative evaluation. People with this disorder are intensely afraid that others will ridicule them, reject them, or criticize them. This leads them to avoid social situations and to avoid interactions with others. This further limits their ability to develop social skills. Their way of thinking about and interpreting the world revolves around the thought that they are not good enough and that others don’t like them. He wasn’t so bad. He was only suffering from a disorder.


– ” Sorry, I ran away because I was terrified of telling you the truth. I will tell you the whole story” . . . . .

The whole story was me, and I should continue the missing parts of this sentence: Each was “my nickname” . . .

Stop Bullying!!


Avoidant Personality Disorder

   نشر في 20 ديسمبر 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 20 ديسمبر 2017 .


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