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This collection is exclusively available at Rubaiyat Jeddah and Riyadh D&G boutiques and Department Stores”

  نشر في 11 أبريل 2022 .

Dolce&Gabbana presents the DG Sunrise Special Collection, in which the unmistakable codes of the Italian brand are renewed between timeless beauty and inspirations from the world of nature.

The charm of sunlight, the nuances of precious stones and the delicacy of nature in bloom are the main elements of the collection dedicated to the female universe.

Floral prints, proposed on chromatic palettes reminiscent of the colours of natural gems – jade green, aquamarine, rose quartz – decorate flowing chiffon dresses, poplin shirts and charmeuse blouses, recalling the elegance of the characteristic decorations of foulard. The same patterns are also present on more casual garments, such as printed T-shirts, leggings and comfortable sweatshirts. The most precious accent comes from the accessories: Portofino sneakers with gold details, leather mules featuring all-over thermo-strass, burgundy calfskin slingback with golden metal DG logo. The same shades of colour are proposed on the iconic Sicily and on the DG Logo bag, embellished with multi-coloured crystal details.

The proposals dedicated to men’s are inspired by the warm colours of the earth and gems, interwoven with the iconic graphic element of the DG logo.

Sand and garnet red, vibrant shades such as tan leather, terracotta and carnelian orange alternate on items with sporty yet essential silhouettes and refined fabrics: pique polo shirts, linen shorts, silk shirts, T-shirts in jersey with jacquard details, rubberized applications and all-over prints. The collection is completed by accessories with a distinctive character accentuated by the logo pattern, such as the Portofino and NS1 sneakers and coordinated hats.

The DG Sunrise Special Collection will be available in March at select Dolce&Gabbana boutiques and on online dolcegabbana.com.

   نشر في 11 أبريل 2022 .


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