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Be the first or no

  نشر في 28 أبريل 2022 .

The finest kind of self-esteem is to play the role of one who is satisfied with everything and you are in dire need of everything, and to ask for something twice except from God alone, and do not knock on a door that will be closed in your face one day, for a door other than the door of your Lord does not deserve to be knocked more than once

I learned to be satisfied with myself and not live on waiting and not be a sideline in anyone's life. I became ignoring my feelings a lot.

I don't force myself to talk to those who ignore me, I don't get into fights that don't belong to me, I don't enter a losing war, I don't compete to win the love of those who don't realize my value, so I always withdraw from the farce of relationships and stay away from everyone who doesn't know my destiny in order to preserve my dignity and for peace of mind, not weakness As they imagine!

Don't give anyone the ability to change your happiness into sadness, or change your mood with a word, give them everything you love except yourself and your happiness.. no one deserves that but you.

In short : If something comes to you.. humiliate it by giving up.. and if a heart is difficult for you.. stop praying.. and if someone changes you..

I didn't create to forget you an old failed relationship or make up for a certain person, I'm another person with another story separated from all the old things

Always be unique, not from other copies, cross people's lives as the sweetest coincidences, not like anyone, be the only thing that does not repeat twice , sanctify yourself..don't be a second chance or a backup plan..or an alternative

Either perfection or demise

When I don't become one of the most important things in your life, abandon me, I am only worthy of being in the forefront of everything

  • Khawlaazraoui
    خولة عزراوي شابة مغربية الجنسية
   نشر في 28 أبريل 2022 .


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