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our problems as a society


  نشر في 02 ماي 2020 .

But when we look to the meaning we feel confused and anxious today we know fear in many terms but what does this word mean to you ? Yes you !

Some know fear as a natural ,powerful and primitive human emotions, it involves a universal biochemical response as well as a high individual emotional response of course this definition came according to psychologists

but what dose fear truly mean to you ?

How can you know fear within you ?

For me fear mean doing and trying new thing or even entering a new world to explore and search for my deep feelings like when I’m writing this article and l am scared of how will people judge me and That happens to all people when they try a new thing or even when they decided to show other their emotions like today when I told my mother that she can be a little bossy but I was afraid of her reactions of these words( please don’t try this at home ) but for me it is afact so I decided to show is fear born when we are born on this earth?

Psychologists such as John Watson , Robert Polchuk and Paul Ekman suggested that there is a small set of basic or innate emotions and fear is one of these so it is an innate thing is arises when we born for example looking at the child when he is born he is afraid to open his eyes and he is afraid that he will carried by other people than his parents

Some of these fear are acquired from the surrounding community or even environment ( use your mind to search for examples )

New what are the most frightening things for a person?!

In 2005 Gall up U.S a national sample of about 1000 adolescents aged 13 to 17 were asked what they afraid the most as an open-ended question their answers were

Death failure future being alone.........etc

So if you ask me l will say I am afraid from the future that mean I fear to failed in the future and present but why ?

Some people like me starts to plan their future as a natural thing to guarantee their future but life taught us that there is no guarantee and no one has the keys to the unseen or unknown future so some mistakenly fall into fear of the future so they don’t plan and try to live in the same ordinary way or even learn to overcome their fear

If we remain afraid of trying we will stay stable in the same place we will not move forward or even develop ourselves therefore I decided to write this because l know it his a lot of mistakes and I want to overcome the fear within me of let other people judge my work ( Sorry if it contains grammatical errors it is still new)

As they say

The prison is not only the four walls and not the executioner or the torture, it is primarily the fear and terror of the human being, even before he enters the prison, and this is exactly what the executioners want and what makes a person a permanent prisoner.

Therefore don’t make that fear your own prison

Be free from it even if you are afraid of taking risks

Don’t stop in the same place

Don’t make fear cause your failure in life make it a reason for your success

   نشر في 02 ماي 2020 .


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