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you will never forget me

  نشر في 06 يناير 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 06 يناير 2017 .

some day .. you will go back to that abandoned home, looking for me, but you will not fined me..

ask your self, ask your heart if i should still be there, waiting you after everything happened, should i wait you after a year of silent , of cry, of trying to forget, forget many days we spent together .. in love ..

which love

can you believe that all this love even not come hate, because even love tack place in heart, and you dont deserve even be in the black place in my heart ..

my last msg was so long, i write it handred time, but i was so strong to control my self and stopp my self .. to never sendt it ..

the last msg, the last word i hope to tell it to you, a milion word, the last word was .. you will never forget me ..

you will never forget my smile, my crazy time, my song, my msg even if you dele it .. i will be in your memory for ever ..

with my eyes .. with my hand which ever was in your one, when you need it .. and you still .. and for ever ,,

i will be for ever the one who really give you the love, the pure love, the crazy love that if you look for it you will never find it with any one .. just with me .. 

just between my arm, near my heart, inside my sole, in every where we went,in every where we put our smell, our laugh .. our love ..

the love .. that you will never forget it .. and the one that you will never forget her ..

the one who really was here , just for you, ..

so .. dont think about this story, if you read it try to not think that i write it for you , because everything i was going to write it to you, i wrote it in the last msg, the one which never send it to ..

   نشر في 06 يناير 2017  وآخر تعديل بتاريخ 06 يناير 2017 .


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